PM8DIO - 8 Digital Input/ Output Module

The PM8DIO module is an 8 channel digital input and 8 channel digital output module.

The inputs are isolated from the logic by bi-directional opto-couplers. The common is connected internally to either the -volts or +volts field power supply terminals using a jumper link which is situated inside the housing.

The module may be used as either a slave or master on the Modbus network. When used with a PC or PLC the module will be configured as a slave. When used with another PM8DIO module in a point-to-point configuration, the DIP switch 9 must be turned on to set the module up as a master. In this mode the PM8DIO module will automatically read/write the information from/to the other PM8DIO module.

The inputs have internal counters associated with them. These counters are 32 bit counters allowing a count value from 0 to 4294967295. The count value can be cleared by writing a zero to the associated registers or preset to any other value using the same method. The counters can also be reset automatically when read. This is done by setting on DIP switch 9 on the front panel.

Note: The count values are not battery backed-up and will be lost if power is turned off.


Digital Inputs


Digital Counters


Counter Resolution

32 bit

Counter Frequency

1 KHz (max)

Pulse Width

500uSec (min)

Counter Mode


Digital Input 0 Level

0 to 6.5Vdc

Digital Input 1 Level

+12Vdc to + 24Vdc

Input Impedance

2200 ohms

Input Filter

6553 msec. (max)

Digital Inputs

1500 v RMS

Digital inputs

LED per channel

PM16DI - 16 Digital Input Module

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PM16DI - 16 Digital Input Module

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