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  • PM8AI/I ISO - PROMUX 8 Current Input Module Fully Isolated

PM8AI/I ISO - 8 Current Input Module Fully Isolated

.The Analog Input modules are supplied as either a current input module (PM8AI/I ISO) or a voltage input module (PM8AI/V ISO). The inputs are fully isolated from input to logic and between inputs. This module is ideal for monitoring existing 4-20mA current loops which are isolated from each other and cannot be connected to a common point of reference.

The standard setting for the PM8AI/I ISO module is 0 - 20mA input current which represents an output value of 0 - 4095 (12 bits) in the corresponding Modbus register. To obtain an output value of 0 to 4095 for an input signal of 4 to 20mA the offset switch is switched on. This module can also be configured for a 0 – 20.000mA input range or +/- 20.000mA input. The module also supports 14 bit and 16 bit ranges.

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