Unfortunately, the methods of accessing the parameters in the various units (Z-TIO and Z-DIO) differ depending on the ‘gateway’ being used.  That is:

- Communicating to a Z-TIO directly uses different internal modbus addresses from
- Communicating to the same thing via a Z-COM unit, which uses different addresses again from:
- Communicating via a COM-JL Ethernet Bridge.

From SpecView’s point of view, this is a problem in that if a configuration has been created using Z-TIO directly, and the user wishes to change to using (say) a COM-JL over Ethernet, then the whole SpecView configuration will have to be re-done because as far as SpecView is concerned, the different types of connection result in totally different instruments.  This means that the Variables list will have to be changed and all items on all screens referring to the Z-TIOs will have to be altered.

Tip:  If the use of a COM-JL is being considered to move a set of Z-TIOs from serial directly connected to an Ethernet connection, consider using a ModMux TCP/Serial converter instead - that will require only changing the address of the module inside SpecView - everything else will work OK without having to redo screens.

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