SpecView Version 3

If you are upgrading from V2.5 to V3, see notes here.

Make sure your existing dongle is connected prior to installation. Note: Version 3 will only work with USB and Soft Licenses. It will not work with the older parallel (25-pin) dongles.

The installation program has 3 modes of operation:

  • If SV3 was not installed on the PC previously, then it will install SV3 fully.
  • If the installation program is re-run for the same build number, then it will offer: Modify/Repair/Remove
  • If this installation is a newer build, then it will update the current installation.

It is advisable to reboot the PC after completing the installation process.

There are both 32bit and 64bit versions of SpecView: SV3.exe and SV3_64.exe. We recommend running the 32 bit version even on a 64-bit operating system, unless you have a project containing a very large number of trend chart screens.

RunAsAdminRun either SV3 or SV3_64 as Administrator the first time to allow the system to be setup correctly. Subsequently, it can be run as a non-administrator.

 To do this: Right click the icon and select ‘Run as Administrator’  as shown here:

For a full list of new features go to the SpecView Help menu and choose What’s New In Version3. Also see this video and there are some videos of the new features of Version 3 here.

To download, go to the V3 Downloads section here

Unsupported Legacy Version 2.5 is still available for download here.

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