SpecView’s Multiport option allows you to connect to instruments that communicate with different protocols or to communicate faster to large numbers of instruments.

Different Protocols

If you want to connect instruments that communicate with different protocols, you need to use Multiport so that you can have all the instruments that communicate on one protocol through one port, and instruments that communicate through a different protocol on another.

It is not possible to mix protocols on a single port.

Higher Data throughput

If you have a large number of devices communicating at a relatively slow rate, then it can take a long time to acquire the data from them all if they are on a single port.  By using multiport and splitting the instruments onto two or more separate comms lines, you can increase the data rate because SpecView will gather data from all ports simultaneously.

Multiport is also useful where RS-232 point-to-point is used (which does not allow more than one instrument per port).

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