If you are getting crashes or hangs from SpecView, then there is a tool from Microsoft that will automate the process of making DUMP files that we can analyse.

The tool is PROCDUMP and is available from Microsoft here.

When you have downloaded it, copy the PROCDUMP.EXE file into your main SpecView folder (recommended) - this is usually C:\SV32 for Version 2.5, or C:\SV3 for Version 3.

Here is the recommended way of using it:

Either before SpecView is running, or after you have started SpecView:

Start a Command Prompt, then type one of these commands

For Version 3 of SpecView:

  • CD  \SV3       (or wherever you have installed SV3)
  • PROCDUMP  -E  1  -H  -MP  -N 10  -W  SV3

For Version 2.5 of SpecView:

  • CD  \SV32       (or wherever you have installed SV32)
  • PROCDUMP  -E  1  -H  -MP  -N 10  -W  SV32

You can put this into a Batch file to save typing this every time.

When PROCDUMP has made a dump file (typically named SV3_Date_Time_.DMP), please ZIP it up to make it much smaller and eMail it us, or use a file service like DropBox to allow us to collect it. Please send an archive (SVA) of your project (configuration) at the time as well.

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