PL8AI/V - 8 Voltage Input Module

The PL8AI/V is a 8 channel voltage input module. The inputs are isolated from the logic and share a common negative terminal.

The standard setting for the PL8AI/V module is 0 – 10V. An input voltage of 0 – 10Volts represents an output of 0 – 4095 and 2 volts would give a reading of 819 +/- 1LSB.  To obtain an output value of 0 to 4095 for an input signal of 2 to 10V  the offset switch is switched on. An input range of 0(1) to 5Vdc is available by removing the jumper link located on the analogue board inside the enclosure.


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  • PL8AI/V - 8 Voltage Input Module

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