To show the HC900 SPP Block’s current running profile an descriptor, proceed as follows:

1) In HC Designer, find the SPP Block and take a note of the field highlighted below:


2) In SpecView, find the SPP block and right-click the name to get it’s address.  On the end of the usual address field, type a dollar sign and the number from the SPP Block in HC Designer. In this example, it’s $110, as shown below, from the block shown above.


3) Then, near the bottom of the SPP block in SpecView you will find the Profile Descriptor Fields, these can be put on the screen, as shown below:


4) In runtime, these fields will show the correct data from inside the HC900:


See below for Version V2.5 equivalent.

For Version 2.5 of SpecView, the Instrument’s address would look like this instead of the screenshot in (2) above:


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