In SpecView Version 2.5 (all builds up to 860) and older Version 3 builds (up to 3.1.141 Dec 2018) have a problem where Date variables show the date ‘Jan 2nd 1980’ for any date after Jan 1st 2020.

What is affected:

  • The display of SpecView.Date or other Date User Variables on a screen - shows Jan 2nd 1980 all the time.
  • The Line Writer function where a Date User Variable is written to a file.
  • Functions which copy a Date to a Text string, for example, where a Text string is created to be used as the name of a log file.

What is NOT affected:

  • Logged data is still recorded correctly and Log File Conversion created the correct dates.
  • Internally the Date User Variables are processed correctly, it is just their display that is affected.
  • DateTime variables (often used as log file or batch file Start/Stop) are NOT affected.


For SpecView Version 2.5, a fix is included in Build 861, and for  Version 3 this problem was already  fixed in builds 3.1.142 (Jan 2019) and above.  However:

Before updating to the latest, you MUST check the Free Updates or Update Subscription in your license first.

To do this, go to Help -> Registration Info and look at the Free Updates (or Update Subscription) expiry date as shown here:

        For Version 2.5:                                                                                                            For Version 3:


If the Free Updates has expired
(or is not shown), please contact SpecView and DO NOT install the new version.


For Version 3, the latest release
(3.1.146) has this fix in already, just download it from our Version 3 downloads section here.

For Version 2.5, the latest release (build 861) has this fix in already, just download it from our Version 2.5 downloads section here.

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A patch file patch is available for Version 2.5 Build 860, however, if your build of SpecView Version 2.5 is older than build 860 then it is recommended that you install build 861 from here instead of applying the patch.

  • Download the ZIP file from the link below.
  • Stop SpecView if it is running.
  • Unzip the zip file into the main SV32 folder, which is usually C:\SV32  -  overwriting the existing 6 files.
  • Run SpecView again - the splash screen should show ‘Build #861/32’

If there are any problems, please contact us.

Here is the link to the Version 2.5 patch:
Jan 2nd 2020     5.13 MB (5,384,075 bytes)

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