The link below will download the setup file for Version 3.  When you have installed it, please check the Help Menu and What's New in Version 3 to find out what's changed since last time.

This Setup file will update an older installation or will install a fresh copy.
We suggest installing in a folder called SV3.  Do not install in the same place as any existing SV32.

SV3_Setup_31224.EXE           154 MB (161,556,128 bytes)
This is Build 3.1.224_2301_0307_308  19-Jan-2023
MD5 checksum: 9ce0c1d449889a236c6f804ff73bed81 
SHA256:   D6755E9A4DCDC92990AC3EB959AAFBA3EA71E42320C8176E110C8A9D4E0E9AC5

Release notes are here.                                 Mirror download site 1 (slower)          Mirror download site 2 (fastest)

SpecView’s online Help is here . This is the same as the User Manual, see PDFs here: A4 / Letter sizes.


Legacy Version 2.5 download is here.

Important note before you download!

If you are upgrading your V3 installation, or are moving from V2.5 to V3, then you MUST check the Update Subscription status first.  This can be found from the Menus:
Help->Registration Info.              

In V2.5, the Update Subscription was called ‘Free Updates’.

If the Update Subscription has expired, then you will not be able to install the software. Please contact your SpecView representative or SpecView directly to discuss Update Subscriptions.  More help on SpecView Licensing is here.

If you are upgrading from V2.5 to V3, then also check that the ‘Version 3’ option is enabled in the License. This is also shown in the screenshot on the right.


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