For details of what has changed from V2.5 to V3, please see the videos we have here, and after installation, please have a look at the ‘What’s new in V3’ from the Help file.

Build 3.1.128_1712_1820_3108       19th December 2017

Fixes and improvements:

- Added a setting to specify what date to use when the date isn't set (which used to be 1970) SETTINGS.INI [Settings] DateNotSet=xxx
- While in Edit Mode (offline) it sometimes did not go online after choosing 'Enable All' from the 'Online Features' menu

Trend Charts:
- On a Trend Chart which had pens that were 'disabled' the values between the cursors failed to be calculated correctly and could cause a crash
- When 'Setup Chart' is disabled on the Trend Chart menu via Passwords, the Setup button still worked
- Passwords for Chart Notes were case sensitive, whereas normal passwords aren't, they have been made not case sensitive
- If an 'Auto Chart Note' is associated with a pen whose variable has been deleted, then could crash
- Protected against a crash when unable to display a Trend Chart popup menu
- Trend charts with Auto Chart Notes could occasionally lockup

- DateTime Variables were not available for selection in Log Report Format in other languages

- If a Config with Passwords enabled failed to open a COM port then a spurious network timeout message was shown

Historical Replay:
- The Historical Replay Control panel did not remember its position

- If an Event was set to watch an instrument parameter on a COM port that cannot be opened, then an 'Enable on Bool' would trigger that event incorrectly

- Enhancements to Local/Remote where more than 10 Remotes are connecting
- Local could lockup when sending Alarm updates to remotes on a heavily loaded system

- Watlow F4T: Boolean and module auto-detect enhancements
- Watlow F4T: Added UI Modules
- Watlow F4 & F4P: Changed Profile Number to Edit Profile Number
- Watlow F4 Prog - Renamed Run to Running
- Watlow F4: Added Alarm DI and DO Names
- Watlow EZ Profiling Modbus added time for each step using F4TTime. H, M & S left in place

- Honeywell UDC2500: Added further parameters
- Honeywell HC900: Added Write to Flash in HC900 instrument

- Mitsubishi-A driver failed on fast computers to recognize the CRC

- Eurotherm Nanodac: Added instrument for Batch
- Eurotherm Mini8: Fixed data type for fixed IO A & B >> bit from whole word

- UP100P series: Fixed Modbus addressing errors and added program parameters

- Anafaze R/S: Changed .INI file to remove auto-detect

Ramp/Soak driver:
- Changed 'End' to 'Process Complete'. Added 0=N/A to Jump To

Build 3.1.120_1708_1120_3108       11th August 2017

Fixes and improvements:
When doing Log file conversion, Time variables have a max value of 23:59:59 before they wrap around. a new setting in CVTSETTINGS.INI  [Settings] ShowFullTimes=1 correctly converts times over 24:00:00, but Excel may require different formatting
Trend Charts:
Displaying the Min, Max and Average between cursors wasn't working
Right-clicking on a Trend Chart to place cursors wasn't working in Historical Replay
The warning box that says 'Password Level X is required' when altering a value now allows the user to login from that box
Data entry boxes automatically closing prematurely has been fixed
Password Setup box behaved strangely when selecting a button has been resolved

Build 3.1.118_1708_0111_3108       1st August 2017

Fixes and improvements:
GDW: - Changes to scan rates could sometimes cause a 'E17024: Failed to come Out Of Runtime properly' error message
TrendCharts: - Clicking on Values for Pen scales does not get it right for disabled pens
Licensing: - Added message telling user what to do in the case of being unable to Activate across the internet and then restarting SV
ActiveX: - Repeated downloads from ActiveX can cause a hang
Modbus: - Some Modbus Values which use SON had a slow update rate.
RKC: - RKC Mini driver decoded values incorrectly when using more than 1 decimal place and when regional settings have ',' as the decimal separator, REGION=0 (default) does not use regional settings, REGION=1 does

Build 3.1.116_1707_0515_3108       6th July 2017

Fixes and improvements:
- Data Entry - Blank Text strings are shown as '[ ]', but for data entry they are now truly blank, avoiding the possibility of entering '[ ]' as a batch number (for example)
- GDW - On Windows 10 computers, Full Screen mode shifted the GDWs to the left
- GDW - Using Edit->Replace on a screen does not mark it as needing to be saved
- GDW - Some screen swaps cause delays with full-repaints
- Languages - German language resource problems fixed
- Logging - Normally items are scanned at twice the Log Rate. For fast log rates, this becomes intrusive, so for log rates 10sec and faster, the scan rate is the same as the log rate
- Import - Importing Projects without GDWs could cause incorrect import of Strategy Events
 Trend Charts:
- A corrupted Chart Note file can cause a crash shortly after SpecView starts as the Trend Chart Backfill encounters the corruption. It now skips over the corruption and resumes reading chart notes
- Chart notes entered on a Remote would not appear on a Local after the local had been in Edit mode Online
- Crash when adding pens to a Trend Chart where the pen was an Enum and had incorrectly specified enum values
- Pen pointer trails leaking resources sometimes
- Trend Chart cursors can now be placed during Runtime using right-click
- In Edit Mode ONLINE, selecting a button to be available at a given password level would de-select all other items. Offline was OK
- Batch tags would be removed from Batch Historical Replay screens at the end of batch replay
- Printing batches after they end now correctly prints the situation before batch end. See also new Button Attribute 'Print Batch Last Values'
 Historical Replay
- Historical replay can now be set to auto-close to prevent users from leaving it running
- Historical Replay could sometimes crash if there was severe corruption in a log file due to hard-disk sector faults. It now skips correctly over the corrupted data and continues
 Strategy Controller
- Events not triggering at startup reliably if lots of startup event actions are still being processed
- Certain Log Report filename settings could crash the Local when a Remote did a Log File Convert
- New OVERLOAD driver command to combat the 19117 errors when very heavily overloaded
- Corrected 19501 errors when downloading to Recipe items
 Honeywell HC900
- HC900 Import incorrectly mapped the SPS #1 block with some incorrect addresses.

Build 3.1.108_1604_0814_3108       10th April 2017

Fixes and improvements:
- Soft licenses - new purchases of SpecView will not require a hardware (USB) dongle, instead soft-licences have been implemented. Existing USB dongles will continue to work.
- Object Menu - the setting of 'Show Objects' should be remembered from one run to the next
 Trend Charts:
- Trend Chart setup dialog box would crash if the same pen was on the chart twice
- Data Entry Boxes could be closed automatically uder certain circumstances related to password levels.
- Spurious 'Password Level 8' message appeared
- Save does not work after the first time
- DateTime Variables are seemingly not found after Import to appear in the Log Report date/time lists
- Batch Chooser Window is incorrectly sized on some systems
- Batch Replay does not work on the Remotes - Menu grayed
- Recipe crash when loading a recipe for variables that have been deleted from the project
- Post Write Delay (PWD) causes lockup with Scaling Of Numbers (SON) on Serial comms
 Honeywell HC900:
- The import of HCDesigner files was not applying the Bool Senses as defined in the file (such as 'Off' means 'Stopped')
- Yokogawa - driver for the early uR1000 and uR1800 driver fixed
- Improvements to drivers for: Dynisco, Eurotherm Modbus, Eurotherm Mini-8, Procon, Watlow F4T, West Plus, Yokogawa Modbus, RKC Instruments and Autometers

Release notes for older V3.0 builds 3.0.000 to 3.0.068 are here

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